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CR2C Overview

The William and Cloy Codiga Resource Recovery Center (CR2C) is a groundbreaking facility dedicated to accelerating the deployment and adoption of water and energy resource recovery systems. The CR2C facility, located on the Stanford campus near the Land, Buildings & Real Estate offices (LBRE), enables pilot testing of promising technologies for the recovery of resources (clean water, nutrients, energy, renewable materials) from wastes. CR2C test beds are configured for flexible testing of diverse treatment systems fed water from diverse sources. Continuous streams of lake water and three grades of wastewater (raw sewage, primary effluent, and secondary effluent) produced on-site from Stanford sewage are available for use in testing of mobile pilot-scale units, in bench-scale experiments, or for evaluation of new in-line sensor technologies; the effluent is returned to the sewer for treatment at the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant.

CR2C Activities

CR2C engages in research projects and in outreach to further our mission of accelerating the development and adoption of new resource recovery technologies. 

Research Projects

CR2C is engaged in various research projects from the bench to demonstration scale. These include scale-up of the SAF-MBR, an anaerobic secondary treatment system that generates energy, at the Silicon Valley Clean Water wastewater treatment plant; Testing of a decentralized membrane aerated bioreactor for compliance with California Title 22 non-potable water reuse standards; Testing of a NASA-developed technology for forward osmosis/reverse osmosis treatment of greywater for reuse; Testing of various geomedia for stormwater treatment and reuse; and construction of a mobile laboratory for detection of pathogens in sewer water and extracting valuable public health information from sewers.

Outreach & Tours

CR2C staff have provided over 150 tours of the facility to researchers, students, regulators, consulting engineers, public officials, and members of the general public.

To initiate a project with CR2C or schedule a tour, contact CR2C Director of Operations Sebastien Tilmans


The Codiga Center's leadership team includes Craig Criddle (Professor in the Stanford Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering), Sebastien Tilmans (Director of Operations for CR2C), and Weimin Wu (Director of International Collaborations). A team of students and staff led by Dr. Tilmans conducts daily operations, maintenance, and monitoring at the facility.

The Center is a product developed and honed over several years by the Stanford Water Team. The water team is headed by Craig Criddle (Professor in the Stanford Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering) and Tom Zigterman (Associate Director for Water Services & Civil Infrastructure at Stanford). The group includes both researchers and those responsible for ensuring that Stanford has, and will continue to have, the water and energy it requires and the infrastructure needed for their reliable delivery.